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In 2011 the KYCK team set out with one mission: to disrupt and re-imagine how the game of soccer is managed off the field. We know that to-date the soccer world has only been loosely impacted by the power of rapidly-evolving technology. We’ve played the game at the highest level. We’ve coached. We’ve been admins, registrars, and team managers. We sit on club boards. We’re parents of players. And now we are passionate about improving the processes experienced by parents, volunteers and club staff; from every role in the game.

KYCK focuses on technologies that are: easy-to-use, mobile, connected to key partners and most of all, fresh and innovative.

We believe we have what it takes, and we have done it before. In 1995 when the web was born, our founders were at the intersection of soccer and internet technology - launching industry leading sites and applications that elevated the game. Read more about our previous achievements.

Come join our revolution…


Historically, everything that happens before and after players take the field has been tedious and cumbersome. The industry is fraught with old and dated technology and as players, fans and parents of youth players we understand the headaches that come along with that. KYCK’s soccer-only platform provides relevant and innovative processes for getting your job done.

Imagine the administrative side of running a club
adding to your bottom line instead of adding to your workload.

Trust an established company that delivers a true soccer
experience from kick-off til the whistle blows. Join KYCK and
our strategic partners... together we will change the game.


When we are designing and developing new solutions we put them into the KYCK lab.
For more information about what’s going on in our lab email:


KYCK's team is full of talented people from vastly different backgrounds who have come together around a shared vision to change the world's view of soccer technology. From engineers to professional players, UX designers to social media experts KYCK's starting eleven are changing the game.

Founder & CEO Mac Lackey

Mac Lackey is a serially successful entrepreneur with a soccer addiction and an impressive soccer career. His passion for startups has put him in the trenches for twenty years as a founder, advisor and investor for numerous companies. is his second endeavor that pairs his passion for soccer with his proclivity for building best-in-class technology products.

Mr. Lackey and his companies have been featured nationally on CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Business North Carolina, USA Today and The New York Times.

Mr. Lackey is a North Carolina native, after having moved to Barcelona to expand the KYCK network on Spanish territory, he will once again reside in Charlotte, NC with his wife and daughters.



LOVE having everything in one place!!! and not having to fumble thru papers, especially when registering the team for tourneys!
Staff Member, Rockville Center Soccer Club

I have to say that your system is SO EASY to use compared to what we have to do in New Jersey to get NJ Youth soccer cards!

KYCK Registration made our NextGen clinic implementation simple and easy to roll out. Saved us a lot of time on technology buildout. Couldn't have been more efficient. We will use them for all our registration needs in the future.
Steve Mendieta, President of NextGen Academies & Queen City Mutiny

I appreciate having easy access to team data, KYCK was a good move by US Club!
Registrar, Fuerza FC

I don't even know where to begin. KYCK’s customer support team has truly gone above and beyond in every sense of the phrase. Pleasant and helpful, very thorough and in this day and age, that kind of customer service is hard to find. A big thanks to them for helping me along every step of the way.
Manager, SC Del Sol